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7 Best Smartphones with Face Unlock You can Buy Right Now

Smartphones are evolving at a very fast speed. While the bezel-less 18: 9 display appears to be a new trend in the form of the future of the present and upcoming devices, Face Unlock is a feature which is gradually gaining traction, Thanks to the iPhone X. While fingerprint is not secure as a sensor, unlocking your device with your face definitely makes things easier if you are in the market, then you are looking for a new smartphone with Face Unlock. For your convenience, we have prepared a list of Smartphones that will surprise you, with their features :

10 Best Smartphones with Face Unlock You can Buy Right Now

1. Apple iPhone X

iPhone X

Apple iPhone X is by far the best smartphone, if you want to use Face Unlock as a safe solution instead of a cheat to unlock your device. Of course, the device in this list is the most expensive device, but in the same way, the technology that is used, uses it. Face ID Trip on iPhone X uses depth camera system that uses a bunch of sensors to create a 3D model of the user’s face made up of 30,000 invisible points.

2. OnePlus 5T

OnePlus 5T
Source : DigitalTrends

OnePlus recently talked about OnePlus 5T with its last major OnePlus 5 refresh, while the new 18: 9 screen was talked about the most feature, while the OnePlus Face Unlock came with its own implementation Unlike Apple, the device uses Front Camera to identify its face, as well as with the OnePlus security algorithm. It seems that, OnePlus 5T has the world’s fastest face unlocked, and in our tests, this feature has proven to be sufficiently safe.

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy note 8
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Samsung is primarily known for shipping device with iris scanner, it is also shipping Face Unlock. While both may not be capable at the same time, the Iris scanner is more targeted for security, while the face id is intended for ease of use, Samsung’s implementation uses only the front camera, but it is still faster (Or compatible with OnePlus 5T) If you are looking for a more secure biometric option, then the device’s Iris scanner should give you better service.

4. Honor View 10

Honor View 10 - Smartphone
Source : NDTV Gadgets

Huawei’s subsidiary brand, Honor, presented the budget version of Huwei Mate in all new honors scene 10. The device is a head-to-head with OnePlus 5T and also comes with Face Unlock. While the base implementation is the same, while using the front camera for facial detection, the device also comes with integrated npu which allows machine learning. The system basically learns from many scans and makes the overall scanning process more secure.

5. Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8
Source : PhoneArena

If Galaxy Note 8 is not your exact size, then the Galaxy S8 might be the one for you. In 2018 MWC are negotiating for Galaxy S9 in 2018, however, the S8 is still a great tool to use. Face detection is present on the Galaxy Note 8, which is using front camera on the device. Plus, with the upcoming discounts on the device, Samsung Galaxy S8 is stealing at its price point.

6. Samsung Galaxy A8+

Galaxy A8+
Source : NDTV Gadgets

Samsung usually stores its best features for its flagship series, but the Galaxy A8 + is an indication that it is ready to enter the major segment of the budget and deal with OnePlus and respect. The Galaxy A8 + also comes with the Face Unlock feature, which uses the front camera of the device to recognize the face. And unlike many people, this feature is actually much safer than Google’s Smart Lock.

7. LG V30

LG V30 Smartphones
Source : The Verge

LG V30 is the company’s current flagship device, and it is packed in a ton of features. In addition to the fingerprint sensor, the device also includes a sound unlock and a Face unlock feature. The V30 also packs in some serious hardware, which are packed in an excellent body waiting to be unlocked with your face. Also, unlike Q6 that we will talk about sometime, the face recognition of LG V30 is fairly safe.