Month: January 2018

Best URL Shortening Websites for You in 2018

Long URLs are old-fashioned. No-one wants to use long links in their tweet, post or email. Now-a-days most of the Internet users pick short URLs on different places where they want to put links and they try to make the...

/ January 14, 2018

The changing nature of the job

The roles we hold today may not be the ones that we may have tomorrow. So, what will the future of work look like? This is what the experts have to say “THREE SKILLS TO BE SUCCESSFUL” - Bill Gates, Microsoft...

/ January 6, 2018
right click

How to Copy from Right Click disabled Websites

Hey Techies, Now-a-days copying and pasting somebody's work is very common. But, there are only few people out there who actually give a link or mention the source of the information. In Blogging people generally copy someone else's content and...

/ January 5, 2018

Beginners Guide : What is BlogSpot? How to create a blog on Blogspot?

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform but it is for peoples have money. But, if you want to kick-start your blogging career or just want to write blogs without spending any money then Blogspot is best for you. BlogSpot...

/ January 1, 2018