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Satyam is a 17 Years old tech geek. He is the Chief Editor of TechyHawk. He has been reading bytes about these and searching MegaBytes all over, storing GigaBytes and Processing Tera of packets in parallel Processing. Follow him on Instagram.

RaspBerry Pi – Part2

Hey Techies, As Said earlier This is the second part of our Raspberry Pi edition and hopefully the last one,because Our Post is quite not getting response on any Basis or Category. Most Probably,I will be writing another Part. As...

/ December 26, 2017

RaspBerry Pi – Part 1 of our Full Guide on Raspberry pi

Hey Techies, I am back again to my favourite section which is quite a mix of Gadget and Programming.In this kind of section, we discussed about Arduino in our Last Article.This section will aim to provide you information about my other love...

/ December 22, 2017

Tech Myths Buster – Part 4

Hey Techies, This is the fourth part of our Tech myths Series. I hope you have gained a little knowledge with our stuffs. We do Unimaginable ReSearch to serve you with the best content out in the world. I am again...

/ December 21, 2017

Arduino Talks : How Micro Controller Works

Hey Techies, Today,This Article is not about some specific to use in any specific kind if stuff. But,today what we do remains with us for all day long,all life long to use. I personally love to teach High-end Tech to...

/ December 16, 2017

Tech Myths Buster – Part 3

Hey Techies, This is the third part of our Series of Tech Myths of TechyHawk. And thus I have decided to include some Science Myths in our Tech Myths series. Science and Technology are all inter-related . No Science implies No Technology....

/ December 14, 2017

Tech Myths Buster – Part 2

Hey Techies, This Article is the second Part of our Tech Myths buster series. Here's the previous article of Tech Myths Buster series  So, Sit back and Check for yourself, If you are aware of these Myths and Pass it...

/ December 12, 2017