Kumar Satyam

Satyam is a 17 Years old Nerd.(At least He believes it). He is the Chief Editor of TechyHawk. He has been reading bytes about these and searching MegaBytes all over, storing GigaBytes and Processing Tera of packets in parallel Processing. I kind of love this world for how beautiful and evil it can be at the same time. Search for inspiration from it. Follow him on Instagram.

RaspBerry Pi – Part2

Hey Techies, As Said earlier This is the second part of our Raspberry Pi edition and hopefully the last one,because Our Post is quite not getting response on any Basis or Category. Most Probably,I will be writing another Part. As I Mentioned Previously that It was observed that Web Development took over Programming Skills among …

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Tech Myths Buster – Part 4

Hey Techies, This is the fourth part of our Tech myths Series. I hope you have gained a little knowledge with our stuffs. We do Unimaginable ReSearch to serve you with the best content out in the world. I am again up with some great stuffs to know, to share and to flaunt for a good …

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Tech Myths Buster – Part 3

Hey Techies, This is the third part of our Series of Tech Myths of TechyHawk. And thus I have decided to include some Science Myths in our Tech Myths series. Science and Technology are all inter-related . No Science implies No Technology. I hope Our Readers are happy with what we serve. Society is all about accepting …

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