Beginners Guide : How to Choose a Domain Name for your Blog/Website

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Finally, You’re going to start a website/blog, either for your business or for your own personal blog. Before starting a blog/website, you should know it’s basics first. For starting your very own website, the first thing you need is a domain name.

In this article, I will be telling you “What is a Domain Name?”, How to choose a good domain name and Where to buy a domain name for your business.

What is Domain Name?

If you consider your dream website as a dream home, which you want to build. Then, a domain name is an address to your website on the Internet. Whenever, anyone enters your domain name in the address bar of his/her, then he/she will be taken to your website. As in the example of house, if anyone wants to visit your home and interact with you, then how he/she will find, that’s simple, by your home’s address, the similar way, a domain name works.

In conclusion, a domain name is simply the web address or URL you use to visit websites on Internet like,,, etc. If you want to know the technical definition of domain, you should read this Wikipedia’s article.

How to choose a Domain Name for your Business/Personal Blog?

Domain Name

As of now, you know about Domain Name, that what is it. Now, its time to decide a domain name for your business website or personal blog. If you’re selecting a domain name for your business website, then you have to consider both business and domain name.

Selecting a domain name is quite similar to naming a newborn kid. As it is known with that name for lifetime for your business. When you’re choosing a domain name for your blog/website, you must follow few rules to register your very first domain name.

In past years, rescuing a domain name is hard. But, at the time of writing this article, it’s not as hard as in past years. All thanks to the new domain extensions. As in past there are only few choices like .com, .net, .org and .mobi. But at present, there are lots other new extensions are available like .site, .io, .guru, .buzz and a lot more, which I can’t list here.

Before, we go in depth of the domain choosing process. You need to conceive the name from which you want to be known online.

When it comes to selecting a domain name for your business. You must keep your brand name in your mind.

Keywords and Name

Choose at least 8 keywords, related to your niche, and 5 random popular words.

You can also take help of the popular tools such as Namemesh or wordoid. This tool randomizes your given keywords, and gives you a list of all the available domain names.

Domain Names Extension

There are many choices for you to choose from like, .com, .net, .org, .mobi, .guru, and many ccTLD. But I would recommend you to go for the .com domain. If it’s is available choose it for your blog/website. If it’s not available then you can go for any other domain extension.

The .com is the domain extension which gets most respect from the search engines. It means the .com domains get the higher ranks on Google than other domains.

Easy to remember

You should choose a domain name which is easy to remember and spell.

Let’s take an example of this term whoozzatt! Its easy to remember but very difficult to spell.

You must try to choose a domain name which is easy to remember. Here’s my domain :

TECHYHAWK – TECH – Y – HAWK. Do you see the difference?

Yes, it’s quite common and easy to spell.

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Copyright Infringement

Before you go for a new domain, be sure that, you are not violating any existing brand or blog, copyright policies. As an example, WordPress, doesn’t allow you to have a domain which contains “WordPress” in it, because WordPress is a registered term to Automattic Inc.

Avoid Hyphen

If you are choosing a domain for your niche blog, or for your brand, It is best to avoid hyphen in the domain name. This is not good for rankings.

Few years back, it was much easy  to get a good ranking with a domain name have hyphen in it. But this is no longer the case.  If you consider the current ranking system, you would see clearly that choosing a hyphenated domain is not a wise thing. Instead of this, you have to lookout for an alternative domain.

Where to Buy the Domain Name for your Website/Blog?

Now, you know that What is a domain, which type domain name you have to choose. So, now I am sure that you’ve already decided to buy a domain name, and now you have only one question left, is where to buy a domain name for your website.

There are about thousands of domain registrars are available online, where you can register your domain name. But there are few things to consider before purchasing a domain name from a domain name provider. You have to firstly checkout it’s position in the market, it’s customer support & it’s DNS propagation time.

Well, if you won’t want to do these researchs. So for you already listed some best domain name providers here :

  1. Godaddy
  2. 1&
  3. Namecheap
  4. Bigrock

Always feel free to give your own opinion regarding the process of selecting a good domain name. Every good tip on choosing a good domain is always welcomed in comments section.

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