How Google BOSE QuietComfort 35 will change our lives

Hey techies,

The most awaited Bose QuietComfort 35 or better known as QC 35 is now launched. It is the successor of pretty cool, premium Noise canceling headphones, Bose QC25. It is one of the best headphones that I personally use. Its quality worth the cost.

Built Quality Comfort

It is really fine here. It’s nearly identical to its successor QC25. It’s design is pretty awesome. It’s quite light in weight and flexible as made of good quality plastic. The super soft foam on the top band and super soft leather ear cushions that go over your ears all of this combines together to make them really comfortable. The QC35 are a little bit heavier than 25s as there’s a small rechargeable battery in it. Comfort is a huge plus for these. Now, since they’re wireless, you do have a couple of things to worry about and those are the controls and battery life. Battery life is also top of the line. The batter life is so good, that it last for active 20 hours. Now, every time you turn them on, it tells you when the Bluetooth is paired and it also gives you the battery percentage of what’s left so you can probably stretch it for the whole week even after heavy listening, which is pretty dope. So, the battery point is another strong point.

Sound Quality

Now the sound quality is pretty much exactly the same as QC25 which is to say pretty good but nothing spectacular. It’s nothing that’s going to blow your mind at all. It’s just like a normal pair of closed back headphones. You aren’t buying these to monitor for music production or anything like that. But again, its wireless, so that’s nice and actually, it comes with a wire in the box. On the bottom of these headphones, you have a micro USB charging port on the right ear cup and yes, you do get that mini cable and a 3.5mm jack on the left ear cup. That wire is included to either plug it into something that doesn’t have Bluetooth and just listen to them like normal headphones or plug it in or use the headphones without noise cancellation.

Noise Canceling

The noise cancellation itself; Bose does this pretty much better than anyone else. It’s kind of what they’re best at. There is microphone to pick up the outside noise and frequencies and just cancel them out. So, if you’ve heard Bose noise canceling headphones before, you know exactly what I’m talking about; It’s great for flights, it’s great for loud environments, trains, buses, basically anytime you want to cancel out the outside world and just hear your audio and listen to your music isolated.


So I’m happy to say that Bose has put together a complete package here.  It also comes with the flying adapter too since they know people use that a lot in planes.

If you have any suggestions about the headphones, please let me know.