RaspBerry Pi – Part 1 of our Full Guide on Raspberry pi

Hey TechiesI am back again to my favourite section which is quite a mix of Gadget and Programming.In this kind of section, we discussed about Arduino in our Last Article.This section will aim to provide you information about my other love which is RPi that is Raspberry Pi.

This Article is Part 1 of our Discussion about Raspberry Pi.

To make it easier, we will be discussing in details of Section.

So,Let’s start with What Actually a Raspberry Pi is?

Q:What Is A Raspberry Pi?

A: According to me, the most easiest way to answer this would be “Raspberry Pi is a small-sized Micro Linux Machine,which is a series of small Single Board Computers which was developed by ‘The Raspberry Pi Foundation’ in United Kingdom” only for the sake of making Computer Science popular in schools,and most importantly among Children.


It is quite kind of open hardware which comes with SoC(System on a Chip) based model which runs the main component of the Board like Memory,Graphics, CPU,USB Controller,and few more.

Q: For which purposes can we use this and Why to use this?

A:It is quite flexible type Model which can literally be used anywhere suited to you. Mostly Used in Robotics and Other Tech Cultures, It traces its few evidences to be used in Space Photography and Education.

Evidence :

1.It was found that a North Carolina based Near Space ReSearch used Raspberry Pi over a Space Balloon to Click Required Pictures.

2. Few Enthusiasts used it in Educating Blind Students the popular known Braille System.



A:The Average Price of A Raspberry Pi is around ₹3000. You can easily get this from any e-Commerce site.

Q: About its Components?

A: Raspberry Pi looks like a MotherBoard mounted on with other components.

ARM CPU: ARM stands for|Advanced RISC( Reduced Instruction Set Computer) Machine|. Basically this is the main part which takes in ARM Processor which further works by Reducing complex Computer Instructions,So that It can work with High Speed.

GPIO : General Purpose Input Output. This allows as an opportunity for Enthusiasts to tinker.

RCA : For connecting other devices like Analog TVs and other.

And Some basic stuffs like HDMI,USB,SD Cardslot,Ethernet, etc.

Q: How to work with this stuff?

A: As I mentioned in my previous a Programming article,Every Gadget recommends its own software to work on.
Python is the Raspberry Pi’s recommended programming language, but Linux is its recommended operating system.
Nearly every kind of OS that works on Raspberry Pi—Raspbian , and more—is a riff on the Linux kernel.

So,This is all for this Article as Part 1.
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Basically,there should be an intellectual you inside to do these stuffs.

Let’s sum it up with a quote as always.

Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.

– Dean Kamen

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