RaspBerry Pi – Part2

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As Said earlier This is the second part of our Raspberry Pi edition and hopefully the last one,because Our Post is quite not getting response on any Basis or Category. Most Probably,I will be writing another Part.

As I Mentioned Previously that It was observed that Web Development took over Programming Skills among Students and Thus to Promote that same Skills,Raspberry Pi came into action.

Raspberry Pi is a SoC( System On A Chip) which can be further programmed with it’s specific software or Platform to do any kind of work.

It traces its uses in many fields naming few would be quite difficult for us,but still Space Photography,Education, Making any work do quite lot of times after a regular interval of time and many more.

Now,In this Article,We will be discussing How Raspberry Pi can be used and Why to use this?

Q: Any Competitors in the Market?

A: The Raspberry Pi has a few competitors, although the foundation encourages people to clone its idea, so competitor might not be the right word. They include BeagleBoard and PandaBoard (which are both the names of the companies and their main devices). Both are nonprofit organizations but with slightly different goals than the Raspberry Pi Foundation .BeagleBoard is geared toward adult hardware tinkerers, and PandaBoard aims to make a mobile software-programming platform available at a reasonable price. Like Raspberry Pi, they’re both exposed boards with ARM processors and are HD video capable. But BeagleBoards and PandaBoards have more connectors and connection headers (bits of the board that can be used by soldering additional hardware) than the Raspberry Pi, and both devices are a bit larger.

Thus Beginning my Answer,I would certainly start with its low price which is averaged at ₹3,000 in India,which makes it friendly to all economical people and then About its programming,It is quite easy to do it which makes it user friendly.

Now let’s discuss About Raspberry Pi which was left in previous Article.

In this Price,You get something which is less as comparable to others but us itself powerful enough to do any task.

The RaspBerry Pi foundation chose a chip with ARM for this reason (a processor architecture commonly used for smartphones and other similar devices). The chip has 256 MB of RAM, runs at 700 MHz and includes a 1080p-capable GPU.

Yes,It is true that There are several other ARM powerful chip,but this suited best to the device’s capability and to the Foundation.

Q : Platform which it works on?

A: The compatible operating systems for the device are all Linux distributions. Linux was chosen at least partially for its low memory overloading, making it possible to run a fully functional OS on such a simple device that’s devoid of built-in permanent storage.

I personally would suggest to use Linux as your Primary OS only if You are Programmer and more Particularly Hacker(Black or White Hat).
Just make sure you have before hand few knowledge of those 200+ hacking tools.

Woila !!

More Questions like How It Works will be attempted in our next Part.

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As My Ending,I always use any Tech quote,Thus here it is.

” The most important thing about a technology is how it changes people.”