Tech Myths Buster – Part 4

Hey Techies, This is the fourth part of our Tech myths Series.

I hope you have gained a little knowledge with our stuffs. We do Unimaginable ReSearch to serve you with the best content out in the world.

I am again up with some great stuffs to know, to share and to flaunt for a good cause.

Before discussing them with you,I would surely want to you all to know something very important and this is related to everything in life.

Love what you do And Do what you Lobe are two different things.

And you yourself should better know which one is good. Concentrate on your work and see how it gets the feel to be different.

Here are some Tech Myths:

1. Pixel and Resolution are two different things.

Let’s say,you take a 3400×2300 pixel photograph taken with a 8MP camera to print.

Is the resolution 8MP?
The Print will be on physical medium and this will have physical dimension on which those 8 million pixels will be printed. These dimensions,combined with the number of pixels,is the image resolution
(measured in pixels per inch), which only comes into play when the image is to printed.

The physical size of individual pixels also change accordingly. Thus, the same 8MP image will have different physical sizes when printed a different resolutions.

2. A virus infected computer tends to show signs of infection.

You may think that when your computer gets infected,it will surely start to react abnormally. While this may had occur 10 years ago,but Not now. Today’s hackers also believe in sophisticated way and also to pretend as if everything is OK.

Note: You may not know and you may be a part of coordinated DDOS attack.
Well,Our Site was under DDOS attack but We got it Recovered in less than 5 minutes.

3. Ralph Baer invented the first Video Game.

While,creation of first Video game was always accredited to Ralph are universally, but it was Alexander Douglas who created it in 1952.
It is 19 years ago than Ralph Baer Creation.
Built for the Electronic Delay Human System, OXO was a tic-tac-toe game.

4. Lie detectors actually work.

This myth may be the result of watching too many spy movies where the culprit is caught and then tested with a Lie detector. When he says Lie, a string siren buzzes in the machine.
But this all is nothing but False.

Lie detectors actually work on your muscles when you say any statement.If it detects any hesitation,it reports for a lie. Well, basically a lie detector can be beaten up.

5. Video Games are waste of time.

You may even have heard this from your mom if you played games for long hours (I heard this).

Video games actually a very strong and important part of your Body-Organ Coordination which no other activity could. It helps in creating master coordination and better thinking.
Well I am a Huge Game Addict.

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