WhatsApp Group Description Feature Now Out for Android, Windows Mobile

When it comes to updating this new feature, it seems that whatsapp has recently been on a spot. After issuing WhatsApp payment for India and testing a new feature, where the company allows users to download their data, the company is launching another feature and will have to do this with the Whatsapp Group.

In the past the company had acknowledged that its features are limited in the capabilities of the group’s characteristics and it is working on improving it. Since then, Whatsapp has introduced many new group specific features, and WhatsApp released today is a great feature for this.

The feature called “group description” was first searched by people in Vaibata Infos, and allows users to add a short bioinformatics like they do for their personal profile, can be seen by all members of the detail group And without fear, there is a good way to broadcast any message that this group will be lost in the sea of ​​messages inside the chat.

WhatsApp Group

However, there is one thing to be careful about that this message can be seen by anyone, with which the group link has been shared. Therefore, if your group link is shared with many third parties, it would be wise not to send any information to it, which you do not want to see people outside the group.

Whatsapp group

In addition, when a new member joins the group, he will look at a group detail banner at the top, which will be deleted as soon as the user leaves the chat. Lastly, the details of the group can be edited by any member of the group, who said that the administrator can refuse to change the members. This feature is available for all Android Beta and Windows Phone Beta users of all WhatsApp.

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Image : Beebom